Naila Ayesch


Naila Ayesh was born in Jerusalem and her life is the same as that which the young Palestinians and young people live in the tragic daily of the Intifada. His is a story in which many Palestinian women can be found, but it is also an example and fidelity to a commitment to which he will dedicate and dedicate his life: "I pursue the right to freedom and self-determination in two states, in which Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace ”.

Here, in short, and in the words that lack the taste of pain, the meaning of Naila's life.

A harsh life, in which awareness has immediately driven the dreams of being a child. A life in which memories have the strong sign of separation, from their own land and loved ones.

There is a prison in its past, there is the brutality of oppression, and the desperation for the lost child in its lap. But even in the tragic convulsion of the events, he finds the strength to study and then obtain, outside his own country, the specialist degree in medical laboratory. The distance ends, thanks to the Oslo agreements and returns to Gaza where she becomes director of the Women's Affaire Center. His work aims to strengthen the role of women, promoting equality rights within Palestinian society and does so with the profound conviction that this is the way to create the opportunity for sustainable and free development.

And so saying, there is to be certain that, in the strong and fighting woman, with the commitment and the will for a different future, there is the look with the sweet eyes of the mother, for the son Majdi, and for the children of his beloved land.





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