Almost a premonition for Susanna Rosi, who was born in Castiglion Fiorentino, a little village that boasts a Villanovan and Roman culture and that the historians describe as a fertile and welcoming place.
The knowledge of the present rather than the one of the past allowed Susanna Rosi to move from the University of Florence to the prestigious Universities of America.

She was particularly interested in the memory, the memory of the man with its mechanisms, its logic and its imagination but even more she was attracted by the fundamental mechanism of the life of memory: how to preserve it. 

Her studies on neuronal ageing made her travelling all over the world: in American, Arizona and then in California. In particular her study on the exposure to cosmic rays made her known to the prestigious magazine Scientific Reports. Susanna Rosi and her team do not stop working hard and today she deals with the research on mechanisms that regulate the neuronal cells, which are part of the immune system of the brain. Basically her main enemy is a degenerative disorder like Alzheimer. She deserves a great applause for the commitment on the achieved results and an encouragement for the future conquers; an applause from your homeland where memory…is a cultivated and handed down element.

Text by Giovanni Melani


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