Today an ambassador is no more that retro and stereotyped figure of a few years ago. Nothing could be more inaccurate; if the imagination refers to the color of delegation or to the one who bears specific interest this means that the official relationship between two States in not understood. Thanks to diplomacy, which is a real art, the continuous evolution of relationships will find its balance.

It’s all about searching for the magic word: “balance” which is the result of the knowledge of a problem and the ability to mediate between the need of the parties. With great sensitivity and…balance, Elisabetta Belloni started her diplomatic career. She soon began a long and prestigious tour among the most representative headquarters, as a proof of her obvious and recognized qualities. A work that she carried out with passion and dedication, so much so that she is known and honored even abroad. In 2007 she contributed to the bilateral cooperation in the Libanese affair and for this reason she deserved the Legion of honor. She became general director for resources and innovations and then first-degree ambassadress. She committed herself as a Head of Gabinet in the Gentiloni government and she became general Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2018, the press indicated her name as a candidate for the office of President of the Council. Words are not enough to describe her recognized abilities and how wonderful she is. We can not but applaud Elisabetta Belloni because she honors our country.

Text by Giovanni Melani


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