Nowadays the broadcast television world  is dominated by many female figures and Monica Peruzzi is one of the best known.  Born in Arezzo, she started her carreer by the daily La Nazione,  to then reach the small screen of some local and regional TVs and after a short time, she apparead on Sky TG 24, becoming one of the most appreciated journalists. Her dream has always been to be "on the spot", even in the most remote places of the world, in order to relate what  really happens, especially facts concerning the daily lives of the weakest and most vulnerable people - particularly women. In Myanmar  she talked about the first free elections of formerly Burma; in India she collected witnesses of extremely  violent facts and also  of disabled women, considered inexistant in a society based on the system of classes and reincarnation. From Bangladesh to South Africa, from the Arab Spring of Egypt and Tunisia to Rio de Janeiro, her engagement and interest have always focused on the difficulties that weak people have to face. Thank to the  column "GLOBAL BLOGGER" in the National Daily,  on Fridays, she narrates women stories from all over the world.


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