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Objectives and goals

The Association affirms that these themes should concern the entire society and that it should be of extreme importance to find appropriate spaces and time to give voice to this issue, in terms of prevention.

 In order to respond to this priority purpose, then, it suggests sensibilisation activities to high schools, specifically explained below, addressed to secondary school classes for the prevention of gender violence.

This project has the purpose to strengthen reactions, analysis and proposals, which can be used as guidelines for the female world, often too fragmented, and insicure, in order to make women more confident about their ideas and thoughts.

The aim of initiatives and meetings is to always put focus on the phenomenon of any kind of violence against women, attempting to create the basis for the construction of a series of projects and initiatives, aiming to contrast any sort of abuse on women.

What constitues  a real reaction against violence is the educative and cultural initiative. This means creating forms of contrast to any sort of abuse, searching for the maximum spreading and dialogue.

The prize is to be awarded to Women who represent exemplary female models for the positive values they embody.

Experiences that raise the awareness of the great and professional richness that women keep on offering, wherever they find themselves: witnesses, stories, situations.

Women subjected to the dominant power but ready and determined to hold on, in every fiel, certain to have new knowledge, new values and new positions to carry out:

Stories of engagement, solidarity, loyalty to themselves and to their own ideals;

Stories, sometimes about harsh suffering, but also of great joy, because of helping others, the weakest ones, attending peace and freedom;

Women of different nationalities, social and cultural origin but commonly sharing their passion, bravery and determination.

Getting to know their daily civil and social engagement, discovering a world, often hidden, unknown, silent, but so alive. Listening to their experiences, knowing their story, it's both a reason of pride and a stimulation to look at injustice and abuses more carefully, willing to action.
Protagonists who have marked contemporary history in many fields, through their actions. their work, their activities, meet in order to exchange their present and their recent past, their commitment and the spreading of a strong message of peace, solidarity and social and civil engagement.

  • Analyzing the research, the thoughts, the debate and the behaviors about the phenomenon of violence against women. The project is based on the self-determination and the relationship among women with the aim of removing any form of physical, psychic, sexual or economic violence performed against women and highlighting their strength.
  • Giving information and providing facts about the definition and the spread of gender-based violence and its characteristics.
  • Focalizing the most common stereotypes, which concern the perpetrators of violence against women.
  • Spreading awareness about the typical aggressive behaviors and manners of a “subjugation culture”.
  • Fostering a culture based on prevention and without violence.
  • Helping teenagers in dealing with relational conflicts.
  • Fighting against any form of violence against women and becoming a benchmark and a sort of support for them.
  • Informing of how to reduce violence and the ways of growing children and teenagers in order to build a culture of peace.
  • Making known through an information campaign how to prevent violence against women and children and how to fight against any form of discrimination against the weaker ones.
  • Making known the actions, which enable to recognize and contain violence, paying specific attention to cases of mobbing, pedophilia, rape, bullying, harassment, stalking, psychological violence, homophobia, abuse and many others…
  • Fostering occasions to dialogue in order to make positive changes in the society and spreading a culture of peace and solidarity based on the protection of human rights.
  • Introducing feminine ideals and images thus paying attention to the new generations and carrying out any other activities, which will be directly or indirectly useful to the achievement of the set objectives.

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