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The roots of the project are to be found in the title of the event itself: SIMPLY A WOMAN.
The word “simply” includes many important meanings such as simplicity, naturalness.
The soft and little detailed lines of the sculpture are meant to indicate a women with no age and no ethnicity; this harmonious figure which thinks upon herself and the world around her is SIMPLY A WOMAN.
The materials used are not randomly chosen, that’s why the body made of solid metal instills with its heaviness the tangible importance of identity in itself, thanks also to the colors and the shades of die-cast metal, which emphasize with their natural process a concept of reality.
The rock crystal used for the realization of the sphere symbolizes the thought and the reflection; the past, the present and the future, all the experiences, the feelings, the values, the torments and the joys experienced are enclosed within the sphere.
The transparency of the crystal is interrupted by visible internal streaks, technically called natural inclusions, which symbolize the memories and the wounds experienced in life.
The sphere is therefore the synthesis of a thinking and the core of the moral values of this woman who can bravely look inside herself.
So, our focus was to make the award easy to realize and give importance to the message that it has to convey.

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